I recently started using Adobe Edge Inspect for my cross platform website testing. Adobe Edge Inspect is a very simple, and easy to install plugin. I would recommend to anyone to give it a try.

However, whenever I’d try to open the Edge Inspect Chrome extension in my machine, after I installed it, I’d get the error message “Please start the Adobe Edge Inspect application.” I’m on a MacBook Pro, running OS X 10.8.4. Using Edge Inspect CC, version 1.0.407 and Edge Inspect Chrome extension (version 1.0.424.1), on Chrome (31.0.1612.2).

If the Chrome extension icon is gray, that means that either the Edge Inspect desktop application isn’t running or the Chrome extension can’t talk to it for some reason. So, as expected, I revisited my installation process to make sure I followed all the steps correctly. This didn’t solve my problem, even though I made sure my devices were all using the same wifi connection. After doing some research I found out this is a known issue with my Chrome version and Adobe is actively working on solving this problem.

There is a quick workaround that requires to modify the Adobe Chrome Extension as installed from the Chrome Web Store. It’s important to mention that I will not be held responsible for any other issues this may cause. This is a fix that worked for me immediately. You may want to ask for assistance if you don’t feel comfortable making this update yourself. Again, this is a quick workaround, not the ideal solution but it worked for me and I hope the Chrome extension is fixed soon or Chrome changes the way WebSockets are handled so the plugin can work properly in this browser version.

Step 1: Disable Edge Inspect Chrome extension
Browse to chrome://extensions and uncheck/Disable Adobe Edge Inspect CC 1.0.424.1

Step 2: Browse to the inspect.js file
In Finder, Cmd-Shift-G or from the Menu bar Go > Go to folder…
~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/Extensions/ijoeapleklopieoejahbpdnhkjjgddem/1.0.424.1_0/js/

Step 3: Edit inspect.js file
Select inspect.js and edit it any text editor (TextEdit, TextWrangler, or even Edge Code CC)
On line 61 look for the following code:
this._wshandle = new WebSocket(this._protocol + “://” + this._host + “:” + this._port + “/”, “shadow”);
Edit the line to remove , “shadow” (note the comma and space is also to be removed). So you’re resulting code should be:
this._wshandle = new WebSocket(this._protocol + “://” + this._host + “:” + this._port + “/”);
Save changes

Step 4: Enable Edge Inspect Chrome extension
Browse to chrome://extensions and check/Enable Adobe Edge Inspect CC 1.0.424.1
The icon in your toolbar should change immediately from grayed out to full color brown and everything should function as usual