Sketching ideas

Troy Church recently published a very inspiring article on sketching entitled “Why I Sketch Every Day”. In a nutshell, sketching helps me see, think, and communicate more clearly. It facilitates dialogue with myself, and others. It produces wonderful records of the conversations for later. It adds emotion and context to my memory and fuels my […]

HowTo: Fix .mkv audio problem

Do you have .mkv files that play the video but there is no audio?  I’ve gotten a few emails from my readers related to this subject recently. The solution can be pretty simple. As long as you have the correct filter setup, all of your audio will play fine in a DivX Player/Web Player. This […]

HowTo Fix: PhpMyAdmin Muestra Pagina En Blanco Despues de Logeo

Método #1 La solución a este problema de página blanca fue algo simple. Sólo basto modificar esta línea en phpmyadmin/ $cfg[‘Servers’][$i][‘host’] = ‘localhost’; to this: $cfg[‘Servers’][$i][‘host’] = ‘’; En el código de arriba, se esta cambiando el nombre de servidor a con la finalidad de usar conexión TCP/IP . Luego de esto te sera […]

Google Reader Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Reader has lots of useful keyboard shortcuts. Here is the list. Navigation j/k        : next/previous item space        : next item or page <Shift> + space    : previous item or page <Shift> + n/p    : next/previous subscription n/p        : item scan down/up (list only) <Shift> + x    : expand folder v: view […]