HowTo: Improve your Website by Tracking Your Stats With Google Analytics

In order to improve your website you got to know first how is your website doing, how many visitor do you get in a week? and where are they visiting your website from? Two of the best free services out there are Google Analytics and GetClicky…

Here’s is what you need to do in order to setup your Google Analytics Account:

1. Go to Google Analytics
2. If you already have a gmail account you can sign in, if not you will need to create one in order to start using Google Analytics.

And you’re all set to start tracking your website.
Hope this tutorial has been useful to you

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  1. fitting position! fine done!

  2. Hey Good Blog! Just curious, how efficient is SEO by way of promoting an offline product or service. I see pages all the time that promote an internet based mostly product (ebook, etc), but if I need to promote say a pizza place – is the net an efficient manner to do that? Are you aware of any examples of this? Anyway, thanks in advance for any help. 🙂

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