HowTo: Find Model and Serial Number of your Computer using DOS Commands

portable-computer-256x256A few days ago I found a really nice tip about how to find your serial number and model of your computer without too much hassle. Some desktops and laptops of the most popular brands come with a serial number. This information comes in handywhenever you are about to get technical support, or wanting to register your product online, just to mention a few cases.

Here is how you can find the Model and Serial Number, you just need to follow this steps:

1) Go to  Start -> Run -> cmd

2) Once you are in the command line, enter wmic bios get serialnumber this will return the serial number of your computer.

3) And if you enter wmic csproduct get name, this will return the Model Name of your computer.

As you can see, this works well in computers with a popular name like DELL, HP, IBM, etc. Pretty easy, huh?

via: Kabytes

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  1. Karina – THANKS FOR THIS ARTICLE! serial number rubbed of my computer. Gateway wanted to charge $59.99 to walk me through process to get serial number off computer. Stick that in your pipe Gateway 🙂

  2. Denke so, Hab’ ich ‘ne Tätowierung auf dem Rücken, wo drauf steht: Macht mich fertig?

  3. Thanks buddy it work…

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  5. Thank you for your comments everyone! 🙂

  6. Thanks for this information, very helpful.

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