About a month ago I got myself a Netbook – an HP Mini. The Netbook had Windows 7 installed but I wanted to install the reduced version of Win 7, better known as Tiny 7. The problem came up when I needed to use the Tiny 7 installation CD. This small Netbooks don’t come with a CD driver and I didn’t have a portable CD drive, so I needed to make use of my USB memory card and make sure it was bootable, just like the installation CD would.

The problem with manually copying all the information from the CD unto my USB memory was that I will probably be missing many of the hidden files in the CD as well as the bootable property. I needed to make sure I created an image from the CD unto my USB memory.

If you’re in a similar situation where all you need is to copy an exact image from a CD or any other storage device unto another storage device. The solution is simpler than you think, just do the following:

1. Open your command window: Start > Run > cmd
2. And write xcopy F:\*.* E: /s/e/f

F: is the origin drive and E: is the destination drive.

That’s all. You won’t need to wonder if you missed copying one or two files anymore, this will do the trick of copying everything for you in only two steps. Until next time!