Interview: Furniture Manufacturer Implements Cost Effective Mobile App

I was recently interviewed to share my experience working on the development of one of the many mobile apps we’ve built for one of the largest furniture manufacturing companies in the world.  It was an amazing experience working along side a very talented group of professionals. You can read the full article here  

User Experience: Where It Begins and Ends

Let me start this article with the following statement: User Experience is an absolute must-have in order to ensure a successful development lifecycle of a product. One of the most common problems that I’ve encountered when first analyzing an application is that it is often built up around what people think the customer wants, rather […]

Technology and The Power of Data

I stumbled across this great 46-minute presentation by Aral Balkan. Prepare to listen to this piercing message to the traditional OTT and Cloud industries. Aral Balkan Keynote — “I, Simulation” from Open-Xchange on Vimeo.

What I’ve been up to…

It’s been a while. I know… Life has been a little hectic lately. So much to do, so little time. But I’ve been having fun during the process which is what really matters. Since my last entry, I got a new job (hence my absence here), I remodeled my basement, I got a new kitten, […]

Reverting Copy to a Previous Git Commit

Just like almost every morning, today I got up and got setup to continue working on a client’s website only to find that after doing my first $git pull of the day in order to update my local setup, I had pulled an uncompleted commit somebody else in my team had pushed a few days […]